Wednesday 29.6.

12.00 Art exhibitions open

  • 12–16.00 Art exhibitions open, Rahkola hall.
  • 12–15.00 Accordion museum opens.
  • Free entry.

13.00 A market day concert

The Vilja (’Grain’) quartet. Arranged by the Ikaalinen parish.

Free entry, Ikaalinen church.

14.30 A fun moment of music and play  for the whole family

A programme of fun musical playgroup games with children's accordion and violin performances, presented by accordion and music teacher Marjo Suominen and violin teacher Aino Ojakoski-Mattila.
15-15.45 Musical programme.
Otherwise games for all the children attending!
Part of Rahkola Summer 2022. Produced by the MLL Ikaalinen association and the Finnish Accordion Institute.

Free entry, Rahkola hall garden.

16.00 By the waves of Kyrös lake

Representing a well-known Ikaalinen folk musician family tree, Riku, Vesa, Heikki, Kosti, and Jari Huhtasalo will join Ville Harjuntausta, Joona Harjuntausta, Noora Huhtasalo, and Nita Saarenmaa. Accompanied by Anna-Mari Yrjänä.

Hosted by Tapio Huhtasalo.

Oma Tupa hall 25€/14€.

18.00 A folk musician comes to town

An evening at Röyhiö village hall. Food, music, and summer atmosphere right at the start of Sata-Häme Soi. With Ikaalinen’s Accordion men (Harmonikkamiehet), Violin folk musicians (Viulupelimannit), and the Sata-Häme choir.

At the Röyhiö village hall (Röyhiön kylätalo).

45€, including concert, food, and transport / 25€ at door.

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THursday 30.6.

10.00 Finland’s Accordion Folk Music Championships

Finland’s oldest consistently held accordion contest is happening for the 51st time. The contest will uphold the long-valued tradition of folk accordion playing in Finland. Separate categories will be available for five-row and one and two-row accordions in different age groups.

Oma Tupa hall. 15 € / 7€

12.00 An accordion trade fair

Southern Accordion (Etelän Harmonikka), Dynamis, Eero Nissinen/Pigini Finland, Kalle Kurvinen, Traditune Oy, Modus Musiikki, Leather-Product (Nahka-Tuote) Sirok, Riitinki Design, and Tampere Music (Tampereen Musiikki). Open from 12.00 to 18.00.

The Yellow School (Keltainen Koulu). Free entry.

12.00 Art exhibitions open

12–16.00 Art exhibitions open, Rahkola summer.

Rahkola hall. Free entry.

13.00 Sata-Häme Soi’s opening ceremony

Music and atmosphere at the beginning of the jubilee festival, with opening words from Ikaalinen mayor Eeva Viitanen, musician Mikko Alatalo, and Vilma Wiren and Sonja Lampinen, winners of the 2021 gold accordion.

Festival park. Free entry.

14.00 Performances on the park stage

Performances by Finnish accordion societies and soloists, including HK Noir, the Viljakkala Folk Musicians (Viljakkalan Pelimannit) the Alavus 2-rowers (Alavuden kaksriviset), and entrants in the folk music championships.
18.00 Finalists in the Silver Accordion competition will play. 
Hosted by Seppo Soittila.

Festival park. Free entry.

14.00 Theme hours at the accordion museum

14.00 & 16.00 Jouko Kulmala from the Jämijärvi Folk Musicians (Pelimannit) will beckon you into the world of Ikaalinen and Jämijärvi folk music.
18.00 Finalists in the Silver Accordion competition 2022 will play. Children's performances on the park stage.

Accordion museum. Free entry.

18.00 Music in memory of mother

A musical moment with Lasse Pihlajamaa’s Music in Memory of Mother.

In memory of mother at Jämi lake (Jämijärventie 650). Free entry.

19.00 A musical cruise on the m/s Ikaalinen

With Jarkko Helin & the Cajun Comets.

Departing from the pier. 35 €

19.00 The White Rose: Pirttilahti Tango Experience

Pirttilahti Tango Experience is an internationally unique tango orchestra of professional musicians. True argentinian playing and original arrangements guarantee listeners an unforgettable experience. With soloists Jonna Pirttijoki and Harri Kaitila.

The ensemble is lead by Sami Pirttilahti.

The new Ikaalinen hall 40 € / 20 €

20.00 A dance in the festival park

  • 20.00 PNP, Henri Jokinen, & Taisto Lunkka.
  • 23.30 Jarkko Helin & Crawfish Kings.

The festival park 22 €

21.00 Song stories and story songs

A warm acoustic concert in which Eija Hinkala’s lyrics are performed by Markus Salo, Tiina Pitkänen, Masi Luoma, and Mikko Kangasjärvi. With Arja Koriseva as a guest. Hinkkala describes the surprising stories behind the origins and later stages of the songs. Touching and fun. Hinkkala has written lyrics for Koriseva, Suvi Teräsniska, Yö, Irina, Elonkerjuu, and numerous other artists.

Oma Tupa hall 30 € / 15 €

21.30 Janne Valkeajoki

A solo concert of classical accordion playing. The evening will include performances byJ.S. Bach, Rameau, and Shostakovich. Janne Valkeajoki, 30 years old in 2022, is among the top accordion musicians of his generation in the world.

Ikaalinen church. 18€ / 9€


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Friday 1.7.

12.00 An accordion trade fair

Trade fair open from 12.00 to 18.00.

The Yellow School (Keltainen Koulu).
Free entry.

14.00 Performances on the park stage

Performances by accordion groups. Hosted by Seppo Soittila. Including the Rusko Accordions (Ruskon Harmonikat), the Nokia Accordion Club (Nokian Harmonikkakerho), the Tampere Accordion Orchestra (Tampereen Harmonikkaorkesteri), the Hollola Accordions (Hollolan Harmonikat) and the Huittinen District Accordions (Huittisen seudun harmonikat).

Festival park. Free entry.

14.00 Theme hours at the accordion museum

14.00 With that handsome Viipuri game (Viipurin komialla pelillä).
16.00 Kouvula's game is the brother of a good player (Kouvolan peli on hyvän soittajan veli).
18.00 S.E.K.S: Sameli Elomaa, Kurikka, Finland (Suomi).

Accordion museum. Free entry.

17.00 Gold ja silver accordion contest
final, general TV broadcast

The finalists of the gold and silver accordion contests meet in the general TV broadcast.  Hosted by Kimmo Mattila and Salla Paajanen.

The New Ikaalinen hall 30 € / 15 €

20.00 Gold ja silver accordion contest
final, live TV broadcast

Seven finalists from the silver accordion and six from the gold accordion compete in a live TV broadcast, for the 2022 championship. Jorma Uotinen will perform during the interval.

The new Ikaalinen hall 40 € / 20 €

19.00 A musical cruise on the m/s Ikaalinen

With guest musician, digital accordionist Netta Skog.

Departing from the pier. 35 €

20.00 A dance at the beach

The folk musicians of Jämi lake.
The Vesa Formunen dance group with Veijo Haavisto as soloist.

In the festival tent at Ikaalinen beach. 18 €

20.00 Fire games

  • Patsas
  • Netta Skog
  • Jobo
  • Pasi and Anssi (Pasi ja Anssi)

The festival park 25 €

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Saturday 2.7.

12.00 An accordion trade fair

Accordion demonstrations and musical programme.
Open from 12-18.00.

The Yellow School (Keltainen Koulu). Free entry.

12.00 Performances on the park stage

Performances by Finnish accordion societies.
Hosted by Seppo Soittila.
12.00 The Hyvinkää Accordion Club (Hyvinkään Harmonikkakerho)
13.00 The Marttila Youth Association's "Knights and Rogues" (Veijarit ja Rijarit).

Festival park. Free entry.

14.00 A children’s park performance

Siina and the Magic Radio (Siina ja Taikaradio).

Festival park. Free entry.

14.00 Theme hours at the Accordion Museum

14.00 Dashing Ikaalinen folk music. Pasi Raukola presents legends of Finnish accordion playing.
14.30 Ville Vesterinen, many times nordic champion.
16.00 Onni Laihinen/Underneath the Beach Birch (Rantakoivun alla), the Finnish summer idol
18.00 Viola Turpeinen, a favourite of American Finns.

The Accordion Museum 10 €

15.30 Performances on the park stage

Performances by Finnish accordion societies, including the Kokkola Junior Accordions (Kokkolan Junioriharmonikat), the Swedish Accordion Association in Finland (Svenska Dragspelförbundet i Finland), the Nakkila District Accordions (Nakkilan seudun harmonikat), and the Kangasniemi Accordion Group (Kangasniemen Harmonikka ryhmä).
The programme will continue to 18.30.

Festival park. Free entry.

16.00 An accordion soloist on top of the world

Moldovian Radu Ratoi won the Coupe Mondiale, Klingenthai, Arrasate, and Castelfidardo competitions from 2018 to 2019. A programme of classical music.

Oma Tupa hall 28 € / 14 €

16.00 Black Thrush

Black Thrush (Mustarasta) has a strongly Finnish folk tone as a group, but it’s easy to detect shades of Irish folk music in its tunes.

Ikaalinen church. 10 € programme charge.

17.00 A musical cruise on the m/ s Ikaalinen

Take a cruise with tango queen Pirita Niemenmaa and
Jarkko Yli-Sikkilä, with Kimmo Mänty accompanying on

Departing from the pier. 35 €

19.00 Jubilee concert

The Dallapé orchestra, with its soloists, celebrating fifty years of Sata-Häme Soi and seventy of the Finnish Accordion Association. AlfaTV will be recording the concert.

The new Ikaalinen hall. 40 € / 20 €

20.00 A summer’s evening in the park

  • 20.00 Tango queen Pirita Niemenmaa, with Jarkko Yli-Sikkilä and the Soiva Orkesteri.
  • 23.30 Nope–a brilliantly swinging folk music group.

Festival park. 22 €

20.00 A party at the beach

  • Werstailijat
  • Hamilton Jones
  • Telsonig – music in the spirit of Topi
  • Oivaset, Petri Ikkelä’s Octoberfest orchestra

Ikaalinen beach. 22 €

22.00 Duo Das Kollektiv

Juan Carlos Diaz on flute and Raphael Brunne on accordion engage the audience with improvisation, world music, virtuosity, and the eddies of dazzling group play. The Austrian duo won the international Coupe Mondiale competition, in the duo category.

Oma Tupa hall 38 € / 15 €

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Sunday 3.7.

10.00 National songs at Ikaalinen church.

12.00 Ikaalinen day events and the Sata-Häme Soi closing party

During this traditional Ikaalinen day programme, the Ikaalinen resident of the year 2022 will be announced, with a musical review of our 50-year festival.

Festival park, free entry.
Arranged by the Ikaalinen club (Ikaalinen Seura), the town Of Ikaalinen (Ikaalisten kaupunki), Ikaalinen parish, and Sata-Häme Soi.

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